Are you ready white water rafting?

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Rafting di malang .Last week with friends during sma first, fateful meeting at. Initially just to chat and enjoy a relaxing coffee while the story when the first school. When some friends of state can attend the event at the end we chose the location for a coffee in riverside districts in the city of Malang. We look forward to enjoying different atmosphere in the city of Malang, East Java.

Having a coffee in the bale kanthi arussina rafting basecamp site, all of a sudden one of your friends ask, Is your completed crashing rapids river?. A challenge that should prompt us to answer. Brave. Once agreed, we finally ordered to guide rafting trip journey to follow. After we finished up and change clothes, we gathered for an explanation of rafting activities. Rafting on the river rafting Bango together. arussina located on Jl. Terusan sulfat 44 A Malang, East Java.

rafting di malang

merasakan sensasi rafting

At the initial stage of the guide explains the events surrounding the Festival. extended paddling techniques and safety while rafting around. Some of the possible risks and how to save yourself short description of provisions for rafting activities. Then we invited the head of the river not far from basecamp. Slight warming of injury in order to avoid muscle and shouts passionately to add strength to face the challenges of rafting.

After all in the boat, we turned off from the river Bango. Although the first time, but because of this challenge should we underwent.
The first successful challenge of the rapids we went through. This first rafting experience, I was brave and had not felt fear again. and turned down the River Rafting is very unusual with oneself.


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